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Formulario Voluntario

Festival Turina encourages you to take part in the Festival as volunteer. All the work and preparations of the Festival is based on voluntary contributions, from the organization to the celebration of the festival. Festival Turina would not be possible without all the voluntary support.


In many countries collaboration as a volunteer is a natural way of contributing to the arts and culture, and the festival finds that it enriches the environment both for the artists, young musicians and for the audience.

Please fill out the application form


  • Personnel at the Festival office

  • Personnel at the entrance at the concert venues

  • Guides/Attendance for the audience in the concerts

  • Stage team during the concerts (organizing chairs, stands, piano etc.)

  • Backstage" team to attend the artists during concerts. 

  • Transport of the festival artists to and from the airport 

  • Transport of the artists to and from concert venues 

  •  Others… 


  • Free access to the concerts 

  • Access to the complete master classes as passive participant

  • Festival T-shirt 2017 (not for sale)

  • Contact and interaction with the festival artists 

  • New contacts with people sharing the same interest for music 

  • Certificate confirming your participation with the possibility to use the festival as a work reference. 

  • Participation in the official, final festival dinner. 

  • ... lots of flexibility, punctuality, sense of responsibility, good humour and an eye for details and improvisation,

  • A helping hand finding volunteers among your friends and family.


To establish a group of volunteers as steady as possible, the festival will give priority to those who are able to contribute as many days as possible.

Welcome to an intense and special week!

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