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6th Festival Turina. September 2017

W.A. Mozart: Quartet for oboe and strings, KV 370

J. Turina: Piano quartet, op. 67

C. Saint Saëns: Septet for trumpet, strings and piano, op. 65

A. Dvorak: Piano quintet, op. 81

C. Saint Saëns: Sonata for oboe and piano, op. 166

TV protrait, Director and Founder Benedicte Palko

Windband Festival Turina. Pedagogical project, 6th Festival Turina 2017

G. Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue, trumpet y windband

J. Turina: Marcha militar

J. Turina: La procesion del Rocío

Promotion video 5th Festival Turina 2015
Promotion video 6th Festival Turina 2017
5th Festival Turina. September 2015

G. Enescu: Octeto para cuerda, op. 7. 

J. Turina: Las Musas de Andalucía

R. Schumann: Märchenerzählungen

Windband Festival Turina. 5th Festival Turina, Pedagogical proyect. September 2015

M. Palau: Marcha burlesqua

J. Turina: Marcha militar

J. Strens: Danse Funambulesque

Young scholarship winners from Seville, Spain, and Stavanger, Norway. Pedagogical proyect. 5th Festival Turina. September 2015

S. Prokofiev: Hebrew Overture

J. Turina: "Caliopeia" from Musas de Andalucía

Videos recorded in collaboration with Acceptus Producciones.

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