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How to support the festival

Do you wish to SPONSOR any of the festival activities? 
Would you like to be a PATRON of
Or participate as FRIEND or VOLUNTEER? 

By the nature of the festival, most of its funding mainly relies on donations. The 6th edition of the Festival Turina has started the search for the receipt of donations and the signing of business collaboration for the development of its activities and concerts.


The "International Chamber Music Festival Joaquín Turina" is the main project organized by the non-profit Association OMNIA MUSICAE (, formed to foster and promote both Andalusian and Universal musical heritage in Andalusia, promote talented Andalusian musicians, help establish platforms for the development of young talent in Andalusia and Spain, all in a border-free environment created for the development of international musical activities.


Donations and business cooperation are mostly designed for companies and businesses, and agreements can be set from 500,00 euros. Among its benefits is the applicable tax deduction in Spain.

What does it mean to join as Friend of the Festival?


The program Friends of Festival Turina is aimed at individuals to contribute to the development and promotion of musical heritage, both Andalusian and universal in Andalucia, promote the talent of Andalusian musicians, help establish platforms for the development of young talent in Andalusia and Spain, contribute to build bridges between young musicians and established, Internationally reclaimed musicians, raise consideration and knowledge of classical music, especially chamber music, all together giving you a different perspective of the Festival, and enjoy all that it can offer.


For all the mentioned above, we want to thank our generous Friends of the Festival, without whose contribution and selfless support would not have been possible to celebration of the festival. This kind of collaboration and participation is of special relevance to the Festival Turina.

There are many different ways of supporting the festival​ : 



Follow the links and find the best way for you to collaborate. 

Tax Benefits of donations:


If you choose to become a Friend of Festival Turina, or make a donation, please note that these donations can be deducted from your income tax return in Spain. For donations made in favor of the non-profit Association OMNIA MUSICAE (*), covered under the special tax regime of Law 49/2002 of December 23, and organizer of the Festival Turina, these are the deductions:



General donation

Net tax deduction based limit

*Texto en castellano

Tax year 2017




Until 150€                   

The rest

Net tax deduction based limit

Tax year 2017




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