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FESTIVAL TURINA is pleased to offer your company the opportunity to become an official sponsors, maximizing its advertising and communication efforts and reaching thousands of potential consumers while consolidating its image by supporting the arts, our musical heritage, young talent and the city of Seville.

The 5th edition of International Chamber Music Festival Joaquin Turina has been recognized as the second best musical event in Spain in 2015 by the magazine `The Cultural'. It was followed live by aprox. 5.000 people as well as through radio transmissions by National Spanish Classical Radio, RNE, Through radio podcasts and the Euroradio network the festival has reached aprox. between 300 and 400 thousand people among which include a significant percentage of listeners from different regions and countries.

Appearances in Press, Radio and Television 

The festival is frequently appearing in the local and national newspapers, as well as in som International medias. The program and news of great imprtance are always published in musical magazines like "Codalia", "Doce Notas", "Ritmo", "Scherzo"... During the festival the local press is making a very broad coveradge of the event  both before, during and after, in newspapers, TV and Radio. The Spanish National Radio records the festival concerts to be transmitted both in Spain and in the European Radio Network.

There are several ways

to contribute as a sponsor


Each sponsorship will be studied and adjusted individually. We will make an alliance designed jointly by your companies marketing department and the sponsorship team of Festival Turina.


Different kinds of sponorship might be: 

  • General Sponsor

  • Sponsorship of a concert, in particular those celebrated in emblematic venus like Casa de Salinas, Bar Carbonería or Captanía General

  • Sponsorship of the Festival Wind Band formed by 80 young musicians

  • Sponsorship of a festival artist 

  • Sponsorship of a complete activity: Concert Series "Young Musicians", Scholarships ...

  • Sponsorship of rental of scores 

  • Sponsorship piano rental and transportation

  • Sponsor the accessibility to a concert or the festival 



  • Sponsor´s logo and name would be in a prominent place

  • Sponsor's name and logo would be displayed next by the official name of the Festival  (f.ex. International Chamber Music Festival Joaquín Turina presented by "sponsor name")

  • Sponsor would appear on the festival web page, the official festival program and advertising in general.

  • The name of the Principal Sponsor appear in print, social media ads, added to mails, newsletters and campaigns

  • Sponsor logo will be on stage during the concerts on an independent Roll-up

  • Possibility to freely use the brand of the festival in marketing as being «Principal Sponsor of the 6th Festival Turina»

  • Your contribution may be deductible in accordance with current tax legislation in Spain


VIP invitations, Ticket discounts and Other

  • VIP invitations (reserved seats) for complete festival passes at the 6th edition

  • VIP invitations (reserved seats) for attending the concert series Turina between Festivals

  • Official T-shirts of the 6th edition of Festival Turina (not for public sale)

  • Program books and poste dedicated by the festival artists

  • CDs published by the festival with selection of recordings from the 6th festival

  • 20% price reduction of additional festival passes. Max. 25

  • Possibility to distribute information of a product or service of the sponsor among those attending the various activities of the Festival Turina

  • Invitation to participate in the closing catering dinner with artists and the Festival team for 6 people.

(*) All the details in the sponsor contract are adapted to suit the company.

(**) Valid until the end of 2017

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