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Deadline (first selection 10% discount): 1st of May, 2017

Deadline (second selection): 15th of July, 2017



THE MASTER CLASSES are open to all ages and nationalities. It is possible to sign up for individual classes or chamber music classes (duos, trios, quartets, quintets etc). The festival DOES NOT offer accompanying pianist for the individual classes, and requires the students to present themselves as a duo in case the repertoire is sonatas and chamber music repertory.


APPLICATION PROCESS The students or groups with a desire to participate as active students in the master classes should fill out the online application form. Those presenting a sound, or video recording of approx. 10 min. will have preference. The festival accepts recordings uploaded to Youtube, Vímeo etc. The recording should include two contrasting movements of free choice. If a chamber music group is formed specifically for the participation of the master classes, we accept individual recordings of the members. The recording is also used for the selection of chamber music groups to perform in the Concert Series Young Musicians during the festival. 


APPLICATION FEE INCLUDES Individual classes, or classes with your chamber music group, participation in the string orchestra/wind band (for string/wind students), rehearsal rooms daily, access to all master classes and artist rehearsals as well as access to all the festival concerts. Piano students are offered to form chamber music groups with other active masterclass students (string and wind instruments) instead of participation in the string orchestra  and wind band. 

CONCERT SERIES YOUNG MUSICIANS As part of the official program of the Festival, we celebrate a concert series for Young Musicians offered by chamber music groups participating in the Festival. Established chamber music groups will be selected, whom in their application and sound/video recording demonstrate a sufficient level to be able to perform a complete work in a concert. Preference is given to those who include a recording of a complete work in their DVD/recording. The concerts take place in the beginning of the Festival week, and is not a result of the master classes of the festival. 


  • Superior and post graduate level. Violin, viola, cello: 260€ (2 individual classes of 60 minutes + Chamber Orchestra)

  • Superior and post graduate level. Oboe, trumpet: 260€ (2 individual classes of 60 minutes + Wind Band)

  • Superior and post graduate level. Piano: 260€ (3 individual classes of 60 minutes + option to form chamber music groups with other participants and receive 2 extra classes of chamber music) 

  • Undergraduate level: 120€, 2 classes of 60 minutes.

       If a sufficient level is demonstrated in the recording of the application, participation in the string orchestra, in parts, or the complete    

       program, may be offered for an additional fee of 80€. The wind band is open to all levels with no extra fee.


3 classes of 60 minutes. The fee is individual due to each students participation in different activities apart from the chamber music classes. String instruments will participate in the string orchestra, approx. 15h, wind instruments will participate in the Festival Turina Band approx. 3:00 p.m. Pianists will have the option to form a chamber group with participants of the master classes and receive 2 extra classes with the group.

Fee per person:

  • Pianists, no matter formation: 190€

  • Strings and winds, duos or trios (w/without piano): 230€

  • String quartet (w/without piano): 210€

  • Wind quintet / Brass quintet: 190€

  • Other formation: Please consult with the Festival 

CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Open to doublebass players for a fee of 100€, including access to all concerts, masterclasses and artist rehearsals.

WIND BAND Open to active masterclass participants of wind instruments, and players up to 30 years from the Province of Seville for free.

PASSIVE STUDENTS / AUDIENCE Schedule for the open masterclasses will be announced on the web. Students of grado medio and the superior conservatory of music in Seville will have free access to the complete classes. Other active students have complete access for a fee of 50€. Audience can enter for free to the announced open masterclasses.


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