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Jan Inge Almås,  piano technician

Jan Inge Almås has been part of the Turina Festival since its beginning in 2007. With more than 35 years in the profession, he has gained a great experience as a technician and tuner for symphonic orchestras, Superior school of Music, and several music festivals. Jan Inge is an essential member of the festival, and dedicates his time to restore and maintain the grand pianos used in the concerts at an impeccable level. This makes it possible for the invited pianists to forget about technical problems, and to provide the necessary conditions for the National Radio of Spain to rely on the quality of the festival recording the concerts year after year.

Almås is educated piano pedagogue in 1981 in Norway, and has been working both as a piano teacher and accompanist for several years. He has been working as a professional piano technician the last 35 years, and has a broad experience and education within his field.


During the 1980s Almås participated in courses at the factory of Bösendorfer in Germany. In the period from 1995 - 1999 he completed three official courses in Japan, at the Yamaha Pianotechnical Academy. Almås has also been resident and completed the official courses at the factory of Steinway & Sons in 2004, and at the Steinway Academy in 2007, both located in Hamburg, Germany.


Almås has been the official piano technician at “Stavanger International Chamber Music Festival (ICMF)” since its start in 1991. He also is the official tuner for the jazz-festival “Maijazz” since its start in 1989.


For more than 15 years Almås also maintains and tunes the concert grands for the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Stavanger Concert Hall, and all the instrument at the Superior Conservatory of Music in Stavanger.

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