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Housing is not included in the tuition fee for the festival masterclasses, but Festival Turina collaborates with Residency Santa Ana, cituated in the center of Seville, Calle Almirante Ulloa 6A, only a 5 minutes walk from the venue of the masterclasses and orchestra rehearsals. You can make a reservation filling out the form on this page, and Residency Santa Ana will confirm your booking. 


A= Reservation with breakfast 
MP= Half pension (Breakast and lunch OR dinner)
PC= Full pension (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Individual room, price per person, 6 nights, 10% VAT included:

A: 210€ (cost pr. extra night: 38€)
A + MP : 220€ (cost pr. extra night 40€)
A + PC: 260€ (cost pr. extra night 45€)

Double room (or triple room), price per person, 6 nights, 10% VAT included:
A: 170€ (cost pr. extra night: 29,50€)
A + MP : 180€ (cost pr. extra night 31,50€)
A + PC: 215€ (cost pr. extra night 36,50€)

Web of the Residency:


The Residency offers:

• Adapted meal menus (vegetarians, celiac diet, muslim etc.) 
• Lunch and Dinner arranged to "take out" when it coincides with festival activities 
• Daily cleaning of rooms  
• Changing of sheets 
• Auto service of laundry  
• Rooms with free acsess to internet  
• Air condition and free television  
• Personal attention and 24 hours security  
• Maintenance personal in the building  
• Free entrance schedule  
• Study rooms  
• Television and social areas  
• Social areas at the roof terrace 

PDF about the Residency Santa Ana

Residencia Santa Ana

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