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Gift Card

The GIFT CARD of the Festival Turina is an original and exclusive gift for those who love culture and the city of Seville.


Making your family, friends or collaborators Friends of Festival Turina, they contribute to improve the prestige of the Festival Turina and the city of Seville every day. Your generosity is vital. At the same time, your family, friends or collaborators will benefit from belonging to a project recognized for its excellence and uniqueness while enjoying activities and concerts scheduled for 2017 at the front row.


Here you can find all the benefits in detail of each modality and choose one of them best suited for the recipient (remember that your full name, a contact phone number, the email where you want the card to be sent will be essential to complete the form).


In order to receive the Gift Card, it will be necessary to provide the Festival with the copy of the receipt of the bank transfer of the donation to the Festival Turina / OMNIA MUSCIA Association via the e-mail address Once the receipt has been received, we will send the Gift Card within 24 hours, unless a special date is indicated in the form. If the festival does not receive the receipt, we will not be able to proceed with the sending of the Gift Card until receiving the transfer into the bank account. During Holidays bank operations can be slower, and we can then not guarantee the reception of the card within 24 hours.


Please donate the amount by 1) bank transfer or 2) Paypal:

      1.  through a bank transfer to the account of Asociación OMNIA MUSICAE, organizor of Festival Turina:

Please contact for bank details.


           2.  or through PAYPAL 


Please keep a copy of the transfer receipt. The festival will send you a confirmation when the amount has reached our account.

In case of any incident of problem, don´t hesitate to contact

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