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Greetings from Artists

"The Turina International Chamber Music Festival is a grand and wonderful experience.

Pianist and director Benedicte Palko has the programming skills a head chef crafting the finest menu would envy. In addition, she has the uncanny ability to bring together the finest and most compatible musicians, resulting in outstanding, joyful music making for the audience and artists alike!

James Dunham, viola, EEUU 

"The fact that the Festival is counting on musicians from all over the world, all of them Internationally reclaimed artists, is an achievement… The level reached in various editions is spectacular, equal of the level of the most recognized, International festivals…

It is also very important to underline the objective of making know the music of Joaquín Turina, the integration of both International and national musicians, and the benefit the city of Seville , "City of Music", is gaining when artists of such a high caliber gets familiar with the city on a personal and human level."

Daniel del Pino, piano, España. 

"What Benedicte Palko has created and established in Sevillia is simply incredible. It is an enormous effort to organize, gather, and involve musicians, students, and audiences in a wonderful week filled with music.

Taking part in this festival has definitely been a highlight in my music-making career:  not only because I met and played with great artists, but also because our teaching and coaching sessions helped to guide the next generation of musicians.

I hope that the Festival Turina continues to prosper and to enrich the cultural life of the beautiful city of Seville by bringing together musicians and music lovers from all over  the world."

Ieva Jokubaviciute, piano, EEUU/Lithuania.

"I am fortunate to have been part of the first "Turina Festival" in Sevilla in 2007. I was very impressed with the enthusiasm for chamber music, the wonderful atmosphere and the perfect organization. In my opinion the festival had an amazing start thanks to the unusual dedication and vision of the artistic direction.

I think that Spain gained another cultural institution what makes a trip there worth it, for a musician and classical music lover - and I can see the festival growing to be among the most wonderful chamber music events in Europe."

Oliver Wille, violín, KUSS Quartet, Alemania.

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